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25 August 2008 @ 02:07 pm
Strata: 6
Boris - Landskencht, Gwyllion - Protector, Rebekah - Medic, Timbre - Troubador, Coriolis - Alchemist
Level: 70/70/70/62/70
Quest: EO: Post-game

Progress Log:
God I hate B29F. Down to the last floor. Only have the 2 tougher dragons and the end-boss-guy to go (along with a couple of other sidequests). I figure I'll just chase up a few unmapped sections of 27/28/29 while my Troubador maxes out to Lv70, then take on them dragons.

But will I?
That freshly-unwrapped copy of EOII is giving me the eye...
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13 August 2008 @ 01:31 pm
Strata: 6
Boris - Landskencht, Gwyllion - Protector, Rebekah - Medic, Timbre - Troubador, Coriolis - Alchemist
Level: 70/70/70/45/70
Quest: EO: Post-game

Progress Log:
Took a break from mapping 27/28 to finish off some sidequests (God I hope they list the requirements properly in EOII, and more than just in the initial job text). I'm basically now down to a) Reach floor 30, and b) Kill the dragons and 'true' boss at the end.

Had little trouble with the 'volt' dragon, but the other two, well I have now resorted to interweb wisdom and started training up a Troubador (Cheerful little bugger, all he does is hang back and 'Relax', that is until a monster smacks all of his underleveled HP off in one swipe). It was a tremendous waste of XP on a 70th level party, wading back-and-forth through levels 25-30 - but, now that I have a fresh recruit, dragging him along means he levels quite quickly. And considering how painfully, painfully slow progress is through 27/28 especially - well, let's just say he didn't take long to reach the 40's.

Recently broke through to 29 (not finished mapping 27/28, but if you've traversed them, you'd understand my desire to spend more time on  different floors). Warp city. Using the note icon to mark off redundant warp tiles... tedious, but... now that I've come this far - I just have to finish this game for myself.

I hope they've raised the map icon limits for EOII. Were cart memory limits that tight that they couldn't store a floor colour array, a wall array and -not- have room for an icon to be placed on every space in a floor? Ugh, I've resorted to drawing in 'walls' along the correct routes for B27F, because you can't actually map all of the pits before running into the icon limit.
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04 August 2008 @ 01:57 am
Strata 4
Paladin/Swordman/Ranger/Medic/Alchemist (Isn't gonna change)
Quest: Pearl quest, uhm..vine door quest.. haven't done much more than that...
Quests that are on the plate...hrmm...one I have no idea where to go, the hidden treasure one and one involving the 11F
Mission: None at the moment
Progress Log:
Well I can't really remember what much happened other than I killed a flying giant manta ray and we managed to defeat the wyvern...finally :D so no more running away. We were sent down to find this humanoid, which was this feather plant dude. f course he told us we shouldn't be there and as typical humans we ignored him and continued on. I have a feeling that is not going to end well. As we all know humans are monsters that want to take everything for themselves. So I have a feeling were going to have to kill him and everything close to him. maybe by the end we'll all sing Kumbaiya and get along. Somehow I doubt it...it is an Atlus game and those have been know to have...storylines that wander away from the Disney magic.
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04 August 2008 @ 12:54 pm
Strata: 6
Boris - Landskencht, Gwyllion - Protector, Rebekah - Medic, Arista - Survivalist, Coriolis - Alchemist &
Zeke, the poor discarded Ronin.
Level: 70
Quest: EO:

Progress Log:
Well, the final story boss proved to be fairly straightforward.

Now onto the post-game levels, which are proving to be punishingly hard. The party's levels are maxed out, so random encounters aren't much of a problem - but the level design is full of traps, and some of the FOEs - well, I can't actually kill 'em (I'm looking at you big rock-turtle thing).

Currently slowly, painfully mapping out 27 (pit city), well, mostly 28 as I keep falling through to it.

I'm debating taking the 10-level drop and redoing all my party skills, now that I know which ones to optimize for. I'll see how far I get before I pack it in and order a copy of EOII -_-;
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03 August 2008 @ 12:23 am
Strata: 5
Boris - Landskencht, Gwyllion - Protector, Rebekah - Medic, Arista - Survivalist, Coriolis - Alchemist &
Zeke, the poor discarded Ronin.
Level: 64
EO: Solve the mystery of the labyrinth.

Progress Log:

 Took a long break from the game after getting tricked on level 20, and when I finally got back into it (amusingly enough I picked up the game again in the middle of a blackout - hey, there was nothing else to do for a few hours in the dark) and broke through to level 21...

  ...whoa! Now that was unexpected.
This strata seems to involve a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between levels. Thankfully the encounter difficultly has dropped a bit - so by this stage the average adventurer should rip through these levels quite quickly. I was worried I'd hit the level cap before the end of the game, but now, definitely not.

Not sure if I'm going to go on and tackle the post-game 26-30, I hear it's damned near impossible to beat without an optimal party. And, hell EOII is calling...

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28 July 2008 @ 03:33 pm

Stratum/Floor: Third Stratum, 12th Floor
Party Members: R/P/L/G/M
Level of Each Member: 35/35/34/35/38
Any Quest: The perfect gift, Pluck the Snow Blooms

Progress Log: Finally found a gift for the innkeeper's little girl - a feather from a rare bird we spotted on the 10th floor.

Afterwords, we spent WAY too much time mapping out the entirety of the 12th floor in search for Snow Blooms. The guards were surprised, claiming they had looked high and low and could not find any. This did not surprise me in the least, as the guards are about as useful as a Warp Wire when you're escaping a fight that's taking place in town. We trudged on, narrowly avoiding the ever powerful FOEs, before eventually finding four of the flowers. They're much easier to spot during the night. The 12th floor also has more annoying beasts during this same time period. Go figure.

As our reward, we had an audience with the Lady of Lagaard herself. This was quite the honor. It quickly raised my ire, however.

Unfortunately, she was referring to 8000en, and not a date.

. . .

Yes, we're after the Holy Grail. What. The. Hell. :/

Looks like we'd better sign up a Dark Hunter named "Indie" or something. :/

23 July 2008 @ 09:20 pm

Stratum/Floor: Third Stratum, 11th Floor
Party Members: R/P/L/G/M
Level of Each Member: 29/29/29/29/34
Any Quest: In the Duke's service III, The perfect gift

Progress Log: After killing all the Stalkers we could fine, just to prove how far we had progressed, we moved on to the next major FOE in front of us - the Hellion! And what a fierce fight this demon brought! Fortunately, we had the items and the skill to bring it down something fierce. It certainly helped that most of the party had spent some time resting and refocusing on techniques that were proven to work, while not wasting time on ones that had proven less than fruitful.

The third stratagem is made of ice. It's cold. :/ The strangest thing happened while on the eleventh floor - 8 snowmen were in a field, and our party decided to ambush them. We, in turn, found ourselves ambushed, as the snowmen surrounded us... and then began to merge into an ultimate snowman fiend!

. . . it then collapsed. We were able to slay the remaining Snowsoul, then picked up all the White Gems we could carry.

I hate snow with a passion, so I'm going to try and encourage our party to catch up on all of the quests that we've been neglecting. Arnie, a 15th season Survivalist with a focus on harvesting, was able to scout out for traps in the Duke's service.

Cass is easily scared.Collapse )

We ran into the innkeeper's daughter, although we didn't catch her name...

She's young, to be sure...Collapse )

And now we're not sure what the best gift to get the little girl is! So far, we have three major leads: flowers from the southern end of the 2nd floor, a prize from a caravan on the south side of the 9th floor, and berries from the northwest region on the 7th floor. We spent some downtime looking, and could not find the flowers... any suggestion? I somehow doubt a Haste Hairpin would suit her...

It's worrisome really.

20 July 2008 @ 08:42 pm

Stratum/Floor: Second Stratum, 10th Floor
Party Members: S/L/P/G/M
Level of Each Member: ~23
Any Quest: We are not actively pursuing quests at this time.

Progress Log: My name is Sethimothy, a Medic enlisted with the ranks of Guild Selcouth. Healing people SUCKS. I made it a point to master Pheonix as early as possible, which means that in the most dire of battles I find myself slitting my wrists to save my friends. Who, in turn, forget about me until after a fight. I need better friends.

We've been taking time to fully map out the 9th and 10th strata. We found a beast whom I was able to quickly heal, although why we didn't just kill it was beyond me. When it ran off, it created a small path that allowed us to go to trap floor city. I was not amused. Cartography ain't all it's cracked up to be when you want to know EVERYTHING about a place.

The five of us have been practicing our sword and sorcery play because there's a mean beast on the 10th floor, and we're gonna show that Guild Esbat what's what and slay that damn thing. Guild Esbat? More like Guild Probably Gonna Die Sooon Like Beowulf, amirite folks?

I've been lamenting how incompetent the minstrels and troubadours of this town are. Back in Etria, we had bards who could sing Relaxing. Relaxing made everyone's day better, because slowly but steadily we found our mind refreshed enough to do what it is we do. None of the troubadours here even know that song. AT ALL. Come on, troubadours, don't be dumb. Don't be dumb, troubadours.

Our ronin, who claims to be a samurai even though I'm unsure who his Lord is, seems proud of himself that he has mastered the ability to kill something with a single slash. Hurray for him; it still doesn't ever work when we freakin' need it to. Our Gunner took time off from learning Risk shots (where she takes ridiculously long to aim, to do only a small bit more of damage) to learn Medishot... which is a rather weird ability. With a single shot, everyone finds their binds are dropped and their confusion is cleared. GET OUT OF MY FIELD OF EXPERTISE GUNNER GIRL. GO BACK TO SHOOTING THINGS.

Don't tell anyone, but I really don't like our Landsknecht. She's great at crowd control, but she fails at doing real damage against any one foe. This is becoming more and more problematic. I need to find someone to replace her, at least in specific fights. But whom? I have no idea what the hell a War Magus is, so if any fellow adventurers know what they're all about and what sort of skill sets make them work, drop me a line. Beasts? I'll pass; Fido has no place in my party. Hexers and Dark Hunters... they're so specialized. But specialization could be useful on some of these FOEs.

I've gotta get; tomorrow we're gonna go try our hand at slaying the Stalkers that once plagued us. It could be good times.

Closing Comments: Anyone know where I can get some decent EO/EO2 100x100 icons?

19 July 2008 @ 04:39 pm
Hiya folks. Wandered across this in a search during one of my more cranky episodes with this infuriatingly addictive game. I used to play some of the Wizardry games on PC way back in the day, so this whole game is a pretty extreme dose of nostalgia. Found it hard going at first, restarted 5-levels in to re-jig a more specialized party, and now I've found it fairly smooth sailing (although most rewards and item boxes seem to be pretty underwhelming too)... well, almost:

Floor: 20
Party: Landskencht/Protector/Medic/Survivalist/Alchemist + a discarded Ronin (solo-leveled to 20 for a one-off job).
Level: 57-ish (Got tired of trying to keep everyone alive in every boss fight)
Quest: Eradicate those guys in the 4th strata (Who? Well, that would be a spoiler).

Progress Log: A fair way into the game:

Level 20... argh... what can I say? That bastard floor tricked me. Something like 16 wandering FOEs to kill (that seem to be able to 'hear' you when close, and they ALL get angry when you start a fight), plus a teleporting end-of-strata FOE (and 4 fiddly-to-navigate floors to trudge through first). So I figured, wipe out the wandering FOEs first, warping back hope to replenish supplies. 4-5 trips later I have it down to just the boss FOE (no sign of an exit stairwell either... odd) and when I get back? All the wandering FOEs have regenerated! I figure, screw it, I'll just take on the boss. So I did. And what does he do upon defeat? Respawn immediately. Something tells me I have to kill all but him and one FOE, go back to town, save, then finish the floor.... hrmmm....

My strategy is rather dull, brute-force and unwavering most of the time.

   L P

Most frequently used skills:
L-> Hell Cry, Crush
P-> used to F-Guard a lot, but generally just hits things these days.
M-> Cure II, Salve II, Refresh
S-> pretty much just Multi-hit
A-> Lots of Flame/Inferno or Volt & Thunder/Thor
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17 July 2008 @ 10:27 pm
Racy screenshot under cut!Collapse )

I'm sure more experienced guilds recognize this girl as the assistant who travels with the party to do some research on the 9th floor on some trees. What a pain that quest can be!

Once I learn how to take better pictures, I'll be sure to share some now and again.

Selcouth Guild, reporting. I'd use the official layout for more official business, just glad to find a community to share my joy of this game with. Hoping to get 100% on this one too... but that'll be a long way off, hahaha~
12 July 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Strata 3
Paladin/Swordman/Ranger/Medic/Alchemist (Isn't gonna change)
Quest: Let's see, got the solo Cutter quest done, the fossil quest done AND the Old Choker quest done.
Quests that are on the plate...hrmm...one I have no idea where to go, the hidden treasure one and one involving the 11F
Mission: Map floors 11 and 12
Progress Log:
From last we left our intrepid adventurers...

After the 5 day quest was done. Joker went back into to map out the remaining floors that you can get to by the secret areas.
I don't think they've screamed harder than when they were trying to sneak by the wyvern...and got caught. It was simple enough despite it facing the party we moved...it didn't we moved again..it didn't...we were safe right D:! Lest to say it Tornadoed us and Avaal was able to RLF out of there. Joker didn't move for a good many minutes to take store that they just saved their lives. They decided to regroup and wait until it's back was turned.

The levels got mapped and many FOEs were cakewalked over. Probably because I'm at such a high level, they are super easy. i was even bold enough to try to take Cernunos out...unfortunately the game MADE me go to town just to get the stupid quest to kill him. Joker also found a Sprout....I dunno if they are rare or not but one appeared and was thrashed completely.

Currently around Floor 11 where guards are handing me maps that just seem...impossible base on their current locations... like..why is this part filled in and the place were your stand BLANK... :\ I guess cartography isn't on the discipline list.
One was even whining about some FOE which turned out to be a turtle. It took Moa out before dying to his poising :/ damn...700 some odd points to back track over.

I was thinking about using the Rest option, and tried it out how it resets the points and takes away 10 level INCLUDING those points. So you only get the points for the levels you have. So really it's completely useless. It would have been better if you got the points for the level you HAD....

I haven't retired anyone but I'm betting that is useless as well.
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09 July 2008 @ 01:00 am
I saw this community and thought it was pretty nifty :D So I'm going to post my character stats and stuff. I also saw it was open to stuff, I have some of the manga and the novel that I can scan if anyone wants to scanlate it.

Floor:8 and 9
Party:Paladin/Swordman/Ranger/Medic/Alchemist (not super creative ^-^;;)
Level:30 (I'm anal retentive and have all their EXP bars the same)
Quest:Just finished the 5 day trial quest O_O and have the lost coin quest and the Carmite quest up.

Progress Log:I started getting back into this game after buying the second one. I haven't touched it as I want my password from the first one. I just completed the Whyvern egg mission and are delving deeper. hoping to get to the 10th strata. I'm probably going to blitz the game and leave a few quests unfinished till later.

All my builds are messed up as I more or less picked and chose.
Paladin Dumas has points in Provoke and Parry, which is utterly useless as he never get the attention, nor parries so I beefed up sheilds and tossed new points into En Guard

Swordman Avaal is using an axe, which I'm beefing up 2-hit in. He's a pretty decent nuker, though hard to keep alive sometimes.

Ranger Dannie is kinda hard to level as I never know where to put his points so they either go into Bows or Ambush and the other skill for Preemptive attack. His disable skill is a joke. Multi-hit (Double shot) and Truestrike are pretty good.

Medic Crow is working on getting Revive and just placed the last Cure III point. I don't even need Cure III yet.

Alchemist AngolMoa has points in Fire and Poison, he's pretty decent poisoning the bosses and then setting them on fire IF they can be poisoned. Just got Flame and Inferno opened.

I'm hoping to see if I can clear the FOEs from the first Geo Field just to say "Ha ha sucks to be you!" like I do with all the other FOEs on the lower levels. "1 round Ragelope! AWESOME" It's payback for the time I was struggling to kill them. I laughed at the Cutters on floor 3 and even took on 3 wolves at once... not only that Field On Enemies give great EXP :3 I might even try the Wyvern.... ( '.')

What will the next floors hold for us!
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31 October 2007 @ 01:53 pm

Most of you probably know this by now, but I can't resist saying that ETRIAN ODYSSEY 2 is on the way... w00t.

Also originally this community is all about housing your progress of the game (Etrian Odyssey) but since there aren't many who are submitting, I've decided to let this place be a little more "versatile" feel free to post anything Etrian Odyssey related (news/comics/pictures/scans/links/game demos (NO ROMS)/etc).

But if you still wanna log your progress, FEEL FREE, whenever you want or like. Just follow the rules and format. Thank you.

I've also added Tags and fix anything that needed to be fixed.

For some reasons I feel like my grammar is lacking a lot of power and sense...

14 October 2007 @ 03:11 pm
So you saw these EO2 scans, right?
11 October 2007 @ 12:07 am

Stratum/Floor: Second Strata, just finished Floor 6
Party Members: P/S/M/T/A
Level of Each Member: 26/26/26/26/26
Any Quest: I'm entirely sure I requested a pub quest, but I finished them all and I can't remember what I did and didn't do.

Progress Log: I'm just getting back into this game, and I'm rather enjoying it. I have this crazy policy of trying to level five levels a floor, but I didn't do that last floor, so I'm bringing up my characters SIX levels until I get back on track. It's probably a little crazy, but it's nice to be able to crack FOEs clear across the face instead of running from them! Unfortunately, grinding sucks, but what can you do?

I was disappointed because I thought this was the floor that you could start recruiting ronins on. Not so. I looked it up, and it seems like floor 11 ... but by the time I get to there, my party will be so monstrously string that adding a new person would just bring me down. Go fig.

I'm trying to decide what to do with each of my characters, skill point wise. My Protector might get ... I've forgotten the skill, but it increases the chance of automatically deflecting an attack. NO CLUE what to do with the Survivalist. She's just been getting points into Multihit and Bow Damage. The Alchemist and the Medic just finished getting TP Regen to level ten, so I can totally throw spells around with very little consequence now, which is sweet. The Medic just needs stronger curing spells, so I'll give her Healing points, and I'm going to pour points into Fire magic for my Alchemist for a while, unless someone comes up with a better idea for her. No clue what to do with my Troubadour. I love having Healing, though, but it's already level 10.

Meanwhile, given my party, does any one have any ideas for arrangements? I put the Protector in the front with the Survivalist, but the Survivalist gets trounced pretty quickly.

Um, that's all I really know to say ... maybe next time I'll go into the little stories I've made up with them. My Survivalist and my Protector are old friends that went to school together; I rather like that.

Closing Comments: I explored a little of floor seven. Why for the brambles, Etria? However, I did stomp all over the first FOE I met, which felt good.