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09 July 2008 @ 01:00 am
Progress Log #1  
I saw this community and thought it was pretty nifty :D So I'm going to post my character stats and stuff. I also saw it was open to stuff, I have some of the manga and the novel that I can scan if anyone wants to scanlate it.

Floor:8 and 9
Party:Paladin/Swordman/Ranger/Medic/Alchemist (not super creative ^-^;;)
Level:30 (I'm anal retentive and have all their EXP bars the same)
Quest:Just finished the 5 day trial quest O_O and have the lost coin quest and the Carmite quest up.

Progress Log:I started getting back into this game after buying the second one. I haven't touched it as I want my password from the first one. I just completed the Whyvern egg mission and are delving deeper. hoping to get to the 10th strata. I'm probably going to blitz the game and leave a few quests unfinished till later.

All my builds are messed up as I more or less picked and chose.
Paladin Dumas has points in Provoke and Parry, which is utterly useless as he never get the attention, nor parries so I beefed up sheilds and tossed new points into En Guard

Swordman Avaal is using an axe, which I'm beefing up 2-hit in. He's a pretty decent nuker, though hard to keep alive sometimes.

Ranger Dannie is kinda hard to level as I never know where to put his points so they either go into Bows or Ambush and the other skill for Preemptive attack. His disable skill is a joke. Multi-hit (Double shot) and Truestrike are pretty good.

Medic Crow is working on getting Revive and just placed the last Cure III point. I don't even need Cure III yet.

Alchemist AngolMoa has points in Fire and Poison, he's pretty decent poisoning the bosses and then setting them on fire IF they can be poisoned. Just got Flame and Inferno opened.

I'm hoping to see if I can clear the FOEs from the first Geo Field just to say "Ha ha sucks to be you!" like I do with all the other FOEs on the lower levels. "1 round Ragelope! AWESOME" It's payback for the time I was struggling to kill them. I laughed at the Cutters on floor 3 and even took on 3 wolves at once... not only that Field On Enemies give great EXP :3 I might even try the Wyvern.... ( '.')

What will the next floors hold for us!
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