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20 July 2008 @ 08:42 pm

Stratum/Floor: Second Stratum, 10th Floor
Party Members: S/L/P/G/M
Level of Each Member: ~23
Any Quest: We are not actively pursuing quests at this time.

Progress Log: My name is Sethimothy, a Medic enlisted with the ranks of Guild Selcouth. Healing people SUCKS. I made it a point to master Pheonix as early as possible, which means that in the most dire of battles I find myself slitting my wrists to save my friends. Who, in turn, forget about me until after a fight. I need better friends.

We've been taking time to fully map out the 9th and 10th strata. We found a beast whom I was able to quickly heal, although why we didn't just kill it was beyond me. When it ran off, it created a small path that allowed us to go to trap floor city. I was not amused. Cartography ain't all it's cracked up to be when you want to know EVERYTHING about a place.

The five of us have been practicing our sword and sorcery play because there's a mean beast on the 10th floor, and we're gonna show that Guild Esbat what's what and slay that damn thing. Guild Esbat? More like Guild Probably Gonna Die Sooon Like Beowulf, amirite folks?

I've been lamenting how incompetent the minstrels and troubadours of this town are. Back in Etria, we had bards who could sing Relaxing. Relaxing made everyone's day better, because slowly but steadily we found our mind refreshed enough to do what it is we do. None of the troubadours here even know that song. AT ALL. Come on, troubadours, don't be dumb. Don't be dumb, troubadours.

Our ronin, who claims to be a samurai even though I'm unsure who his Lord is, seems proud of himself that he has mastered the ability to kill something with a single slash. Hurray for him; it still doesn't ever work when we freakin' need it to. Our Gunner took time off from learning Risk shots (where she takes ridiculously long to aim, to do only a small bit more of damage) to learn Medishot... which is a rather weird ability. With a single shot, everyone finds their binds are dropped and their confusion is cleared. GET OUT OF MY FIELD OF EXPERTISE GUNNER GIRL. GO BACK TO SHOOTING THINGS.

Don't tell anyone, but I really don't like our Landsknecht. She's great at crowd control, but she fails at doing real damage against any one foe. This is becoming more and more problematic. I need to find someone to replace her, at least in specific fights. But whom? I have no idea what the hell a War Magus is, so if any fellow adventurers know what they're all about and what sort of skill sets make them work, drop me a line. Beasts? I'll pass; Fido has no place in my party. Hexers and Dark Hunters... they're so specialized. But specialization could be useful on some of these FOEs.

I've gotta get; tomorrow we're gonna go try our hand at slaying the Stalkers that once plagued us. It could be good times.

Closing Comments: Anyone know where I can get some decent EO/EO2 100x100 icons?