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23 July 2008 @ 09:20 pm
Sethimothy, Progress Log #2  

Stratum/Floor: Third Stratum, 11th Floor
Party Members: R/P/L/G/M
Level of Each Member: 29/29/29/29/34
Any Quest: In the Duke's service III, The perfect gift

Progress Log: After killing all the Stalkers we could fine, just to prove how far we had progressed, we moved on to the next major FOE in front of us - the Hellion! And what a fierce fight this demon brought! Fortunately, we had the items and the skill to bring it down something fierce. It certainly helped that most of the party had spent some time resting and refocusing on techniques that were proven to work, while not wasting time on ones that had proven less than fruitful.

The third stratagem is made of ice. It's cold. :/ The strangest thing happened while on the eleventh floor - 8 snowmen were in a field, and our party decided to ambush them. We, in turn, found ourselves ambushed, as the snowmen surrounded us... and then began to merge into an ultimate snowman fiend!

. . . it then collapsed. We were able to slay the remaining Snowsoul, then picked up all the White Gems we could carry.

I hate snow with a passion, so I'm going to try and encourage our party to catch up on all of the quests that we've been neglecting. Arnie, a 15th season Survivalist with a focus on harvesting, was able to scout out for traps in the Duke's service.

We ran into the innkeeper's daughter, although we didn't catch her name...

And now we're not sure what the best gift to get the little girl is! So far, we have three major leads: flowers from the southern end of the 2nd floor, a prize from a caravan on the south side of the 9th floor, and berries from the northwest region on the 7th floor. We spent some downtime looking, and could not find the flowers... any suggestion? I somehow doubt a Haste Hairpin would suit her...

It's worrisome really.