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28 July 2008 @ 03:33 pm
Sethimothy, Progress Log #3  

Stratum/Floor: Third Stratum, 12th Floor
Party Members: R/P/L/G/M
Level of Each Member: 35/35/34/35/38
Any Quest: The perfect gift, Pluck the Snow Blooms

Progress Log: Finally found a gift for the innkeeper's little girl - a feather from a rare bird we spotted on the 10th floor.

Afterwords, we spent WAY too much time mapping out the entirety of the 12th floor in search for Snow Blooms. The guards were surprised, claiming they had looked high and low and could not find any. This did not surprise me in the least, as the guards are about as useful as a Warp Wire when you're escaping a fight that's taking place in town. We trudged on, narrowly avoiding the ever powerful FOEs, before eventually finding four of the flowers. They're much easier to spot during the night. The 12th floor also has more annoying beasts during this same time period. Go figure.

As our reward, we had an audience with the Lady of Lagaard herself. This was quite the honor. It quickly raised my ire, however.

Unfortunately, she was referring to 8000en, and not a date.

. . .

Yes, we're after the Holy Grail. What. The. Hell. :/

Looks like we'd better sign up a Dark Hunter named "Indie" or something. :/