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04 August 2008 @ 12:54 pm
Progress Log #n+3: Post Game  
Strata: 6
Boris - Landskencht, Gwyllion - Protector, Rebekah - Medic, Arista - Survivalist, Coriolis - Alchemist &
Zeke, the poor discarded Ronin.
Level: 70
Quest: EO:

Progress Log:
Well, the final story boss proved to be fairly straightforward.

Now onto the post-game levels, which are proving to be punishingly hard. The party's levels are maxed out, so random encounters aren't much of a problem - but the level design is full of traps, and some of the FOEs - well, I can't actually kill 'em (I'm looking at you big rock-turtle thing).

Currently slowly, painfully mapping out 27 (pit city), well, mostly 28 as I keep falling through to it.

I'm debating taking the 10-level drop and redoing all my party skills, now that I know which ones to optimize for. I'll see how far I get before I pack it in and order a copy of EOII -_-;
Mood: exhausted