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13 August 2008 @ 01:31 pm
Progress Log #n+4: Post Game  
Strata: 6
Boris - Landskencht, Gwyllion - Protector, Rebekah - Medic, Timbre - Troubador, Coriolis - Alchemist
Level: 70/70/70/45/70
Quest: EO: Post-game

Progress Log:
Took a break from mapping 27/28 to finish off some sidequests (God I hope they list the requirements properly in EOII, and more than just in the initial job text). I'm basically now down to a) Reach floor 30, and b) Kill the dragons and 'true' boss at the end.

Had little trouble with the 'volt' dragon, but the other two, well I have now resorted to interweb wisdom and started training up a Troubador (Cheerful little bugger, all he does is hang back and 'Relax', that is until a monster smacks all of his underleveled HP off in one swipe). It was a tremendous waste of XP on a 70th level party, wading back-and-forth through levels 25-30 - but, now that I have a fresh recruit, dragging him along means he levels quite quickly. And considering how painfully, painfully slow progress is through 27/28 especially - well, let's just say he didn't take long to reach the 40's.

Recently broke through to 29 (not finished mapping 27/28, but if you've traversed them, you'd understand my desire to spend more time on  different floors). Warp city. Using the note icon to mark off redundant warp tiles... tedious, but... now that I've come this far - I just have to finish this game for myself.

I hope they've raised the map icon limits for EOII. Were cart memory limits that tight that they couldn't store a floor colour array, a wall array and -not- have room for an icon to be placed on every space in a floor? Ugh, I've resorted to drawing in 'walls' along the correct routes for B27F, because you can't actually map all of the pits before running into the icon limit.
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