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25 August 2008 @ 02:07 pm
Progress Log #n+5: Post Game  
Strata: 6
Boris - Landskencht, Gwyllion - Protector, Rebekah - Medic, Timbre - Troubador, Coriolis - Alchemist
Level: 70/70/70/62/70
Quest: EO: Post-game

Progress Log:
God I hate B29F. Down to the last floor. Only have the 2 tougher dragons and the end-boss-guy to go (along with a couple of other sidequests). I figure I'll just chase up a few unmapped sections of 27/28/29 while my Troubador maxes out to Lv70, then take on them dragons.

But will I?
That freshly-unwrapped copy of EOII is giving me the eye...
Mood: exhausted