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12 July 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Progress Log #2  
Strata 3
Paladin/Swordman/Ranger/Medic/Alchemist (Isn't gonna change)
Quest: Let's see, got the solo Cutter quest done, the fossil quest done AND the Old Choker quest done.
Quests that are on the plate...hrmm...one I have no idea where to go, the hidden treasure one and one involving the 11F
Mission: Map floors 11 and 12
Progress Log:
From last we left our intrepid adventurers...

After the 5 day quest was done. Joker went back into to map out the remaining floors that you can get to by the secret areas.
I don't think they've screamed harder than when they were trying to sneak by the wyvern...and got caught. It was simple enough despite it facing the party we moved...it didn't we moved again..it didn't...we were safe right D:! Lest to say it Tornadoed us and Avaal was able to RLF out of there. Joker didn't move for a good many minutes to take store that they just saved their lives. They decided to regroup and wait until it's back was turned.

The levels got mapped and many FOEs were cakewalked over. Probably because I'm at such a high level, they are super easy. i was even bold enough to try to take Cernunos out...unfortunately the game MADE me go to town just to get the stupid quest to kill him. Joker also found a Sprout....I dunno if they are rare or not but one appeared and was thrashed completely.

Currently around Floor 11 where guards are handing me maps that just seem...impossible base on their current locations... like..why is this part filled in and the place were your stand BLANK... :\ I guess cartography isn't on the discipline list.
One was even whining about some FOE which turned out to be a turtle. It took Moa out before dying to his poising :/ damn...700 some odd points to back track over.

I was thinking about using the Rest option, and tried it out how it resets the points and takes away 10 level INCLUDING those points. So you only get the points for the levels you have. So really it's completely useless. It would have been better if you got the points for the level you HAD....

I haven't retired anyone but I'm betting that is useless as well.
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sethimothy on July 20th, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
Not necessarily. In EO2, there's a number of differences in how some of the classes are handled. For example, Ronin/Samurai don't need to worry about using a stance before having access to that stance's skill in battle. However, this is made much more difficult by the number of ranks in a stance an individual must purchase before skill are accessible... and what if it turns out those skills are completely useless after striving so hard to achieve them? It's much better to drop those 5 levels than it is to restart completely.

Retiring is mostly used for grinding up super awesome funtime characters for the last five levels, something I did a lot of for EO1 but have yet to experience in EO2.