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19 July 2008 @ 04:39 pm
Progress Log #n  
Hiya folks. Wandered across this in a search during one of my more cranky episodes with this infuriatingly addictive game. I used to play some of the Wizardry games on PC way back in the day, so this whole game is a pretty extreme dose of nostalgia. Found it hard going at first, restarted 5-levels in to re-jig a more specialized party, and now I've found it fairly smooth sailing (although most rewards and item boxes seem to be pretty underwhelming too)... well, almost:

Floor: 20
Party: Landskencht/Protector/Medic/Survivalist/Alchemist + a discarded Ronin (solo-leveled to 20 for a one-off job).
Level: 57-ish (Got tired of trying to keep everyone alive in every boss fight)
Quest: Eradicate those guys in the 4th strata (Who? Well, that would be a spoiler).

Progress Log: A fair way into the game:

Level 20... argh... what can I say? That bastard floor tricked me. Something like 16 wandering FOEs to kill (that seem to be able to 'hear' you when close, and they ALL get angry when you start a fight), plus a teleporting end-of-strata FOE (and 4 fiddly-to-navigate floors to trudge through first). So I figured, wipe out the wandering FOEs first, warping back hope to replenish supplies. 4-5 trips later I have it down to just the boss FOE (no sign of an exit stairwell either... odd) and when I get back? All the wandering FOEs have regenerated! I figure, screw it, I'll just take on the boss. So I did. And what does he do upon defeat? Respawn immediately. Something tells me I have to kill all but him and one FOE, go back to town, save, then finish the floor.... hrmmm....

My strategy is rather dull, brute-force and unwavering most of the time.

   L P

Most frequently used skills:
L-> Hell Cry, Crush
P-> used to F-Guard a lot, but generally just hits things these days.
M-> Cure II, Salve II, Refresh
S-> pretty much just Multi-hit
A-> Lots of Flame/Inferno or Volt & Thunder/Thor
Mood: cranky